What is Freon?

Freon (refrigerant) is a colorless and tasteless common element in the modern refrigerator. It is manipulated to transfer heat to keep the Inward compartment of your refrigerator cool, and guarantee that your food is conserved in the satisfactory temperature.

Freon cooling is defined to be recirculated in a closed loop system in which there is a possibility for a leakage to happen .Which will not only encompass your food fresheners but could also negatively affect your health.

How will you come to know that your refrigerator is leaking Freon?

There are certain signs of Freon leaks in your refrigerator, you can find leaking Freon by noticing following factors;

  • Smell

    If you notice a chemical odor, a kind of nail polish remover or a musty smell, in your fridge it might be a Freon’s smell.

    Freon and other kinds of refrigerant exude an almost strange smell, particularly if your refrigerator is in contained area. If you feel and conclude that something has gone bad to your refrigerator, do not ignore to check your Freon leak.

  • Residue

    If you notice oil (residue )on the floor it is the finding of Freon leak because oil is the byproduct of the leaking Freon.

  • Poor Cooling

    If you observe that your refrigerator is not chilling and refreshing the things inside efficiently and your food is getting warm and your refrigerator is not keeping up cool as it is supposed to be.

    Eventually the food and liquors and the products you put in your refrigerator are not being kept as cool and fresh/delicate as they should be.

    If you want not to pollute bigger you require to have your refrigerator to check and figure out the issue as shortly as possible.

  • Continuous running motor

    When the temperature of your refrigerator heightened, the compressor and condenser run using the Freon to pull the temperature back down to the expected degree but when the Freon leaks, the motor is pushed to operate for extended periods to try to equalize for the inappropriate proportion of refrigerant.

    This brings the motor in the abundance of a strain/tension which can direct to a greater threat of a breakdown.

  • Higher electricity bill

    If you catch expansion and multiplication in your power consumption both during the winter and summer months it’s alarming to check all your utensils for drawbacks

    It is normal that you are using electricity and paying for it but when you are giving more money for the unreasonable power consumption, it is therefore notifying you to check your equipment for any default.

  • Sickness/ Illness

    Breathing in Freon it’s completely a hazard to your health, and if you are undergoing prolonged orientation you'll be tolerating nausea, headaches, fainting etc.

    If you have been seeing ill and you can’t come across to make out why you're going through. it is worth speculating whether you have been endangered by Freon.

How long does it take for Freon to leak out?

Freon is permanent!

You felt the freezer smell like gas and Currently you realized from where Freon has been leaked, you can clog the coolant pipes simply like any other regular pipe.

The main thing is to reinstate the Freon that was lost. Restoring the Freon can only be done by experts because it is a harmful substance. at this point you can’t execute this yourself.

The refrigerant smells like chemicals that survive in your refrigerator for eternity, if you do not have a leaking system. It get recycled within a closed loop system to refrigerate.

Relying on the utensil ’s generation, the size of the hole/gap and the proportion of coolant in the unit, it takes 3 to 30 minutes or hours to leak out of the refrigerator.

If the leak is there the refrigerant will easily leak out as soon as it is replaced. and would can remain more than a few weeks to a few months counting on the stringency of the leak.

How to find a gas leak in the fridge?

Firstly you require to understand that every problem is not the refrigerant leakage problem , many electrical and mechanical cases could be obtained.

Yes, if your refrigerator is stabbed which makes it uncertain during the regular system in the kitchen then your viewpoint must be that it is leaking.

If you doubt a leak As you feel your freezer smells like chemicals, you would like to go for an experienced one because there could be an issue which you won’t be prepared to fix on your own.

Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical substance, if you want to ensure your doubt you can try DIY options until the professionals get there,

  • You can buy a leak sensor tool. Leak detectors are the tiny/ little electronic device that can sense the range of gas is known as halogens. ( Freon is among one of them)
  • If you choose to do it yourself you can mix ordinary dish soap with water and spray it on the tubing. the mixture of soap and water when surpassed to the leakage, leaking gas will start forming bubbles, that indicates a leak.

How to fix a Freon leak in a refrigerator?

  • Never strive to fix up what you do not know how to do yourself. opening, puncturing, cutting and fixing into your fridge as it can break the tube.
  • The leakage arises in a pressurized process, The process or system should be decompressed before you can repair the leak.
  • If a leak is roughly a pinhole it can be soldered, welded, or fused.
  • If the pipe passing is torn or cracked the pipe should be replaced.
  • Afterward, you need to pump down the pipe at very low pressure before compressing with Freon.
  • Then you have to carry a leak test to make clear that you have fixed up the trouble well.


AJ Milbes

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