Tips for Quick Restaurant Emergency Refrigerator Repairs

Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, or bar – you cannot afford the downtime of your refrigeration units. Obviously, it is the lifeline of your business… refrigerators are among a few appliances that run day and night without stopping. It plays an indispensable role in food preservation and reduces loss by maintaining a required temperature.

Of course, yes! You may have a system that is only a year or two old. And yet if your system is several years old, it must be working pretty well. But bear in mind, HVAC systems require maintenance. The way it works between extreme swings of scorching heat and bitter cold can stress the heating and cooling machines. Certainly, HVAC systems are heavy investments, and it's imperative to protect them through a preventative maintenance plan.

In short, commercial refrigerators are essential to ensure food safety… and keep in mind it's paramount for the foodservice industry. They keep food and beverages cool at optimal consumption temperatures while preserving components in ideal storage conditions.

Sounds good???

The repair bills would cost you double if this happens at a weekend or night. Still, you need fast emergency refrigeration repair services. During the odd times, you may not find the help… hence, we have put together an exhaustive list of tips you need to know… with the help of these handy tricks you can quickly repair your refrigeration units.

Steps to Follow When You Need an Emergency Refrigeration Unite Repair

  • Get Regular Service

    This trick actually works… preventive refrigeration service keeps the unit operating consistently and competently. Simply put, you won't have as many emergency fridge repair concerns. While inspecting your equipment, service experts can detect failing parts and looming issues before they cause the commercial refrigerator to fail during a busy hour. By opting for commercial refrigeration services , you can keep the compressor in good working condition.

  • Invest in A Maintenance Contract

    When it comes to emergency fridge repair… Did you know that service providers frequently give priority to clients with maintenance contracts? So, if you need someone to respond swiftly in an emergency, don't merely call them in to handle maintenance on a regular basis. Investing in a refrigeration maintenance contract is a wise decision. With a maintenance contract, you'll also get the best prices on all of your service needs. You'll also have the assurance that if you require emergency refrigerator repair, you'll receive prompt assistance from a company you already know.

  • Clean the Interior & Exterior

    If your system stops working unexpectedly, try cleaning the interior and exterior…it might help.

    However, to avoid emergency refrigeration repair, schedule through cleaning of refrigeration units on a weekly or biweekly basis. Remove the internal items and place them into another unit. Scrub the shelves and surfaces with a soft brush, warm water, soap, or a vinegar solution. Remove drawers and shelving, and soak them in the water before rinsing.

    Your unit's exterior should be cleaned regularly as well. On a stainless-steel exterior, it's critical to utilize the right cleaning solutions and products. Abrasive scrubbers or sponges, as well as chlorine cleaners, should be avoided. Instead, clean the surface with a soft cloth or brush. For routine maintenance, a mixture of warm water, vinegar, or a detergent-based solution works well.

    If you think, you need professional help – opt for commercial refrigeration services.

  • Check the Area by the Evaporator Coil

    The evaporator coil, like the condenser coil, is an important part of your refrigerator. The evaporator coil is placed near the evaporator fan and is responsible for absorbing heat as warm air goes through the refrigeration system… it helps cool down the interior of the unit

    Not just this, you must keep the surrounding area near the coil clean and clear after every two to three days. Avoid cramming too many items into the interior, especially if they're piping hot. The coil can freeze if the vents inside the device are blocked, resulting in water leaks and a rise in cabinet temperature.

    These tricks can work fine but for emergency refrigeration repair you need professional service and that is only possible with a refrigeration maintenance contract.

  • Check the Gaskets

    Usually, the refrigeration units stop working due to an issue in the gas kit…

    Any commercial refrigeration system would be incomplete without door gaskets. Any form of crack or split in the door might prevent it from sealing properly, causing cool air to escape the interior of the fridge. If a gasket is damaged, make sure you replace it with the help of instructions from the manufacturer. When changing the refrigerator’s gasket, for example, you must use the gasket that corresponds to your unit's serial and model number.

    Even if there are no splits or cracks, you should clean the gaskets on a regular basis to avoid unexpected issues. If the device is in a commercial kitchen, this should be done more frequently.

  • Clean Drain Pans and Tubes

    Commercial refrigerators, since they’re big attract slime and sludge, which cause the refrigeration units to freeze up.

    Make sure to inspect your drain pan and any tubing that may be prone to clogging. If your drain is clogged with moisture and sludge, it may emit a foul odor that spreads throughout your kitchen. Use a vinegar solution, warm water, or soap to clean the pan at least once every month.

    Professional commercial refrigeration services or a team of experts can help you with this…

    Clogged drain tubes can also be caused by too much filth. To avoid a major clog, inspect the tubing every couple of months. When your drainage hoses become clogged, it causes an overflow in your defrost system, which drips onto your floor. To prevent further deterioration, clean the hoses' exteriors with soap and water if calcium or water spots occur.


Although, these tips and tricks can help you with emergency refrigeration repair but there are certain issues that require assistance from the professionals including:

  • Issues with electrical connection.
  • The evaporator coil is iced up.
  • The compressor isn't functioning, or it's short cycling.
  • No power in the commercial refrigeration unit.
  • The unit isn't cold enough, or there's no airflow
  • A planned maintenance check-up and cleaning for certain components, such as the ice maker.
  • The fan motor is not functioning.
  • The refrigerant charge has to be inspected.

Here refrigeration maintenance contract comes in handy… if you are looking for commercial refrigeration services – Calwest Refrigeration should be your choice. Be it walk-in coolers, freezers, fridges, or any other ice machine, their experts can help.


AJ Milbes

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