What signs will Tell You that Your AC coils are frozen?

Think back to those old refrigerators or freezers that would always be caked with ice.

If you do Remember them, then you should also be concerned with your AC because it works out the same.

Water leakage:

Air conditioning Frozen coils can lead to amassed moisture which provokes condensation of water that secretes up from AC.

The condensed water vapor gathers on the evaporator coil and then runs into the drain pipe but if your drain is filled with dirt or debris it will be clogged and result in a major water leak.


With HVAC frozen coils Your air conditioner will no longer operate as it should. you will feel warm air or the air has stopped altogether.

You should keep the AC coils in satisfactory functioning order with expenditure.

Odd Noises:

Unusual wheezing and banging noises coming out from the unit telling you about the damaged condition I.e. (AC coils freezing up) of your AC. When your evaporator is tainted with dirt it will take longer to cool your inside. This problem can be predicted through banging noise.

If you observe a knocking kind sound through your air conditioner it will be a problem with the heat in your condenser.


The air conditioner either turns on and off frequently. When AC coils freezes up because of a dirty air filter which restricts the airflow through the evaporator coil, you may notice your AC to turn off and on shortly.

Causes of Frozen Coils In AC

Dirty air filters:

All your AC wants a clear airflow throughout for a proper functionality. When any of your filters get clogged the air may not distribute around the coils.

This concludes in coils getting too cold and ultimately becoming frozen.

Frozen air-conditioner coils were brought up due to the absorption of dirt and dust . Dirty air filters can also dissipate dirt and dust and clog other parts of a system.

Broken or dirty fans:

Over time your machine's fan will cover with dust that dissuades the air to flow. And if your fan’s mechanism is damaged or even if they are just dirty blades, it will cause the lack of airflow.

Merely amending your filters is not enough, if you prefer to reduce the risk of frozen coils you need to be proactive around system provision.

Blocked condensate lines:

Thermostat functions as the primary control of your home's heating and cooling system and can create problems if not properly sustained.

Your air conditioner's dispositions depend upon how consistently your AC runs and for how long, it can be determined by a thermostat measure. If something wrong with your thermostat your system ends up overworking or operating too frequent.

Refrigerant leaks:

Refrigerant refers to a chemical fluid that runs through your AC coils, changing pressure, temperature in order to absorb heat. Refrigerant lines are closed loop systems, sometimes it leaks due to the low level of refrigerant and pressurized the coils to freeze over.

Refrigerant leakage is not only bad for your AC but it is also bad for the environment. and in some sights it is illicit to discard refrigerant lines leaking.

The expert should repair a leak or replace a coil instead of just restoring it with more refrigerant.

Clogged Drain Pipe:

Condensation setting on the evaporator coils is a normal part of how they work. however if the drain pipe is clogged or contrarily inhibited too much condensation may develop on the coils which can then freeze the air condition coils.

Low Outdoor Temperature:

If the air temperature in your area is already low the air conditioner evaporator coil can freeze and can form ice on the air conditioner pipe outside.

This may happen in case your AC runs overly during the night, coil absorbs the hot air outside and turns it into the cold that disseminates in the room. Due to lack of heat in the air can lead AC coils to be frozen.

You need to be cautioned that Do not put your thermostat at a very low temperature because if the temperature falls at night, try not to use the air conditioner at a lower temperature outside.

What should you do when the coils are frozen?

If you get to know your AC coils have been frozen and you also figure out which one of the above reason developed the frozen AC coils , the next steps should be;

  • Most importantly shut the component off to prohibit compress loss.
  • Reveal where the leakage occurred, try to clean up any water damage.
  • Try to dissolve the frost.

Air-conditioning repair services:

It is significant or important to examine and service your air-conditioner to conserve and maintain a trouble-free execution of your air-conditioner.

let’s go through what are the repair services of air condition are,

  • Air filter and fin cleaning:

    your AC’s air filter receives a huge portion of dust and dirt during processes. dirty air filters in AC cause issues like ice formation and not cooling etc. In AC assistance the repairperson washes and cleans the air filter, you can do it by yourself also, the condenser fans are also rinsed to be cleaned during the AC service.

  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning:

    The core rivals of the air conditioner is dust and dirt, as it drives overheating of the system. the technician will vacuum the dust and debris from the condenser coil evaporator and other segments to make your AC work efficiently.

  • Drain cleaning and leakage check:

    The repairperson will also review if the water is draining properly or fusing anywhere in the unit during a service. He will also check for leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the AC unit. while serving repairperson will clears the pipe and remove the dirt and debris to avert the problem of water leakage.


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