Why is my AC blowing warm air?

Your air conditioner is blowing hot air rather than cool? It's alarming!!

Firstly let’s discuss about how and in what conditions AC work normally,

  • AC compressor reduces the refrigerant by bringing it from gas to liquid.
  • All heat is directed towards the outside.
  • The refrigerant in liquid form goes through extension values and turns into gas.
  • Air passes over these cool coils from vents that you receive like a breeze.
  • Thermostat senses the inner temperature is at the desired degree, it closes off the air-conditioner, when the room temperature warms up again thermostat turns the air conditioner back.

What Causes AC to Blow Warm Air?

Let's take a look at why AC is blowing hot air and what is the reason behind coils getting hot.

There are several possible justifications your air-conditioner could be blowing hot, here some common causes;

Thermostat issues:

With a very usual blunder you can bear the thermostat issue in your AC as if the blower fan is set to ON mode instead of AUTO and regulated for a long time you will feel warm air coming out of vents.

And another thermostat failure could occur due to improper wiring or setting but this can ensue when you recently group your AC, as this situation can only occur in the newly wired air-conditioner.

Low refrigerant level:

When refrigerant releases through a leakage point, the AC has not sufficient charge to finish off its current cooling cycle. that’s why you feel warmer air inside.

Due to lack of refrigerant expansion (turning from liquid to gas) is not substantial. for this you need to contact an HVAC proficient to fix the problem and leakage and refill the refrigerant.

Frozen evaporator coils:

Evaporator coils’ job is to heave heat from your home to start the cooling process. In results condensation takes place and the condensate drains out and brings the extracted precipitation to move out of the network.

But when this precipitation collects on evaporator coils, they may frost and these frozen coils transfer warmer air.

Evaporators function as sponges as they absorb heat and ease air to flow efficiently. but when it gets too cold it results in ice buildup.

You can look out the problem by closing down of your air-conditioning system and opening the access door to the Interior system which helps to evaluate evaporator coils. You can resolve the issue by replacing the air filters by yourself.

Dry air filters:

They are nonmetallic, Non-Oil, primarily used in applications. Moreover it has slightly higher level of filtration.

Jammed air filters can affect several difficulties in your component. It can also inhibit the thermostat operating.

If it is clogged with dirt the passage of air will be obstructed. This dominates to evaporator coil freezing and delivering you warm air.

You should clean your air filters by each and every three months to reduce these issues.

Power issue:

Electric problems can also cause your AC to blow warmer air. Electric fuses and distorted trip to breakers also drive the hot air inside.

Fuses and current breakers are manipulated to insure your AC from electrical eruptions and if any of them get affected you will be seeing unusual aftermath.

You have to always keep on checking your Cables and outlets to stave off such power issues.

Cooling Coils are Warm:

Cooling coils in a running AC have been cooled because of refrigerant transition. Refrigerant can only be properly consumed if it’s appropriately compressed by an AC compressor.

A defective compressor or lower refrigerant points can affect your AC to blow hot air instead of cold air.

Flawed Compressor:

If the Freon; chemical component points are fine then the reason for your AC blowing hot air might be a distorted AC compressor.

AC compressor has simply one task, to compress the Freon. if it doesn’t compress Freon accurately, Freon proliferation would be insufficient which leads the cooling coils to get warm and then the AC unit starts getting hot.

Clogged Expansion Valve:

If the expansion valve doesn’t release refrigerant liquid adequately throughout, the refrigerant won’t be sufficiently intensified into gas. In results it might occur that the ac starts cold but then gets warm.

Clog gage could be a situation with the expansion valve that directs the hot air problem in your AC.

For this you will require help from an HVAC professional which will clear the clog and turn it back to normal and simply shouldn’t continue to be warmer.

AC Repair

The most significant factor of HVAC service is the examination. but it is also necessary to keep your AC maintained in good condition.

Sometimes with the regular maintenance HVAC system components wear out. The repair person will be able to restore the faulty parts and make repairs.

The point of regular AC services is to detect problems before any breakdowns and considering that if any of the issues are caught by your technician you will be informed to take initial steps to resist breakdown.

How To Fix My AC from Blowing Hot Air?

If you notice that the entire outdoor unit is not working, check whether the breaker has tripped. If it happens try resetting your circuit breakers.

By keeping your vents open and filters clean, you will dissuade your AC from frozen coils and blowing hot air.

Keep an eye on airflow, that there should be enough air and no blockage stuff. Like dust and dirt that might block it.


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