Why is my AC tripping Circuit Breaker

Your air-conditioner keeps tripping?

We will let you know the reason behind. With which you may know the reason behind your AC’s breakdown.

Let’s begin with knowing what a circuit is.

A circuit is an unbroken part or a continual spot to which electricity drifts through.

It is built up with resistors, capacitors, inductors, like components and requires voltage and current to run.

What do you understand with the term AC circuit Breaker?

An AC circuit breaker is a security unit that works to safeguard your AC from any sort of damage incited by overabundance or lower voltages.

An AC circuit breaker is a shield lever for your home's electrical network. They are used to prevent electrical oversupply or short circuit to your house holds and suppress electrical destructions to your home.

ReasonsWhy My AC is TrippingCircuitBreaker?

When the Sun heats up to the patience mark, your air condition suffers to maintain the home's temperature. for that sometimes due to over passage of electricity through circuit will break down the circuit power.

If you notice that your AC breaker keeps tripping then it is a sign of a broken fan coil, could also indicate that any part of the AC is missing.

One of the basic facts is, the breaker is advantageous as it it cuts off the power until the issue has been resolved.

The other common reasons for your AC breakdown could be,

Dirty or blocked air filter:

The task of an air filter is to block out dirt, dust and debris and tiny insects from entering the place. An air filter normally provides efficiency to your AC. So the clogged or blocked air filter could affect the working/efficiency of your AC and wreak a mess on fans, coils and other sensitive factors as it begins to proceed working within the system instead of its own job.

Faulty circuit breakers.

Due to extreme weather conditions, Circuits may face loosening wires which cause circuits to break down.

Sometimes a circuit breaker has Faults itself. It happens due to the contractions and extensions with the change in weather.

but the good news is it is fast and easy to repair and won’t cost you too much.

Dirty fans and coils.

There are two fans aligned in your air conditioner, they both are liable for circulating hot and cold air appropriately.

The outdoor fan blows hot air out of your home and the indoor fan blows chill air into your home.If any of these fans stops working you will be dealing with a problem.

The trouble can originate due to the excess dirt on fan blades, which burdens the motor and leads to break down.

so as with the coils also, you have outdoor and indoor coils which are also known as condenser and evaporator.

Coils are responsible for the transfer of hot and cold air to the fans which blow the air. When these coils become dusty, air gets bound inside.

When extra dirt is smothered, this causes the condenser to fetch the heat and result in your component to overheat and when dust affects the evaporator coil, it will begin to free till the ice form.

In both cases you will cause the AC circuit breaker to trip.

Compressor failure.

You can take or consider the compressor as the heart of AC. when a compressor is shot to ground, your AC will be functioning no longer. The compressor could last for a high time but only with adequate maintenance.

The trouble in the compressor could start with a force of extra energy than its substantial requirement. it will take out more electricity and overheat.

It will undergo a hard start which notifies you about the danger. Another important factor for compressor failure could be, because any electrical wire that is malfunctioned needs timely attention because there is a risk of fire.

Refrigerant leakage:

A refrigerant is a cooling substance or fluid. It works in board with a compressor and evaporator that absorbs heat from the environment and provides cooling.

The older it gets, corrosion might appear around the coils and generate cracks/ holes to crack in the coils which direct the refrigerant to leak.

Motor has shorted:

Electric motors in your AC operate for hours and hours, and when it runs for too long and grab and pull situations occur it could get wrecked (too hot) which causes insulation in wires, causing them to short or worsen because of heat.

your fan motor also requires to be saturated from time to time for extensive functionality.

AC voltage stabilizer Lead to generate high-quality steady electric power supply without any divergence in a continuous way.

How to reset the AC Circuit breaker?

There are Two Air-conditioner circuit breakers, one operates the outside unit while the other operators are inside.

There are four essential but simple steps to reset your AC circuit breaker;

  • Plug off your AC before resetting the thermostat. And double check that you put the thermostat standpoint to off before turning off the AC. It is a fundamental step for safety.
  • Get to the HVAC circuit breaker box, look for the breaker where it is connected with your AC unit and turn it off.
  • wait for a full minute and then retreat the power to the AC unit. As a safeguard it may be a fair suggestion to notify everyone in your household that you will be resetting breakers.
  • turn it back ON, go to thermostat carefully turn the device back ON, AC will reset on its own.

However, if you recognize that a unit needs to be resumed often, it is the time for an AC service technician to get to the origin of the situation.

If the AC circuit breaker trips oftentimes, It can be caused due to AC voltage Stabiliser problem. for that you need to concern your AC service company for damage repair or replace the air conditioner circuit breaker.

Calwest won’t let you go through with these problems with monthly/on time maintenance.


AJ Milbes

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